Artist: Leah

Susan: The Woman Who Finally Has It All

Professional journalist, an executive producer at CBS News (48 Hours + special projects for CBS)

Divides life into two separate categories: Professional and Personal

-The Beginning-

Working at a time when journalism was at its peak; Watergate Scandal–too exciting to worry about personal life

Began to feel as though something was missing

Spent a lot of time in China for journalism. Covered Tiananmen Square and had done a documentary on the Dying Rooms, where girls in china were not taken care of due to the ‘One Child Policy’

Stories she covered touched her; Saw brave women who were not allowed to keep children. This made Susan want to give back to world

Wanted a child and to make a difference

-Her Mission-

Went to China

At first she was scared, but the moment her daughter (Zoe) was put into her arms, she realized that was what she was meant to do

Took something that started professionally, and then decided to give it a deeper meaning–Stepping into someone’s life to make a difference

-Her Happiest Moment-

Achieving motherhood and adopting Zoe

Adopting Zoe made a difference in her life as she was able to nurture and love a child

This experience opened a world to her that she never knew she was missing until Zoe was part of her life

Although achieving success in her professional life was satisfying, adopting Zoe was her proudest moment


When arriving back in New York, Susan met up with her parents. As her father held  Zoe in his arms, he said to Susan,

“You’ve achieved unbelievable success professionally at CBS, you’ve gone to war, you’ve achieved things that you never thought you would achieve in your lifetime, but I must tell you I am more proud of you for adopting this beautiful daughter and my granddaughter than I am of any other thing you’ve achieved in your life.”


Similar to the blocks a child would play with, some of these boxes are closed with letters on them, while others are open. In each opened box there is an object representing something mentioned in Susan’s story. In the top boxes, the airplane, teddy bear, and children’s outfit represent Susan’s journey to China as she flies from the US to adopt her daughter Zoe.

Visual Vocabulary/Inspiration:





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