Artist: Sophie


“It’s probably going to sound a little corny but I got um okay it was like a year ago on Facebook. I’m part of this, like, some fan page where you like type (and interact with a group of people). One of the kids on there like, posted that like, he was having a rough time or something, so I was like okay, like no one’s responding so I’ll respond. So I sent him a message and everything and we talked and then like a day later or something I like checked back on him (incoherent) and then from there we talked constantly and we became like really good friends except he lived here in the city and I lived in Ohio and so then it was like whatever. So we talked like every day on Facebook about all kinds of stuff and he made like really nice posts on Tumblr about how like even though he doesn’t know me I was like the one he trusted most and then when I moved here for school it was like my second day here and I went and met him…which was really awesome. And like a week later, we hooked up. *laughter*And then just all that he said made me happy to know that I made a difference. So my happiest moment is knowing that I made a difference in somebody else’s life…To know I was important to someone, that has never happened before.”

“Well, I have been going to by sleepaway camp for, this will be my ninth year this summer and um one summer when I was still at camp where now I’m a counselor  When after I was done at camp my dad and I drove my brother up um because he was going at a different time then me and it was a summer where I had been through a lot of stuff with my family and so when I got up there  um I saw my friend Nick who was a counselor and who is still a counselor but um he was driving a golf cart across the driving bridge over the creek and he stopped, and it looked like he had something important to do, like he had a bunch of stuff  in the golf cart but he stopped when he saw me but then like ran over and was like “Ryan it’s so good to see you!” and it was ust like really really great because I felt important because kids like go home and think like are the counselors even going to remember me? Like blah blah blah and whatever, but he just really made me feel important and loved.”


Visual Vocabulary/Inspiration:
Here I wished to demonstrate the helping relationship one can develop in person as well as online. Two of my stories involved someone helping another or being helped in a tough situation. I used repetition to emphasize the legitimate relationship that can evolve online.
The visual connection between both neighboring boxes is color. Box number 14 and this box have and common baby blue background. On the right side of my box, the dark blue color resembles the blue used in the background pattern of box number 16. Furthermore, the style of each section of the box is similar to the neighboring boxes. The more human-like, natural style of Selin’s box is echoed in the left section; and the more electronic aspect of Lisa’s box is imitated in the right section.
I looked at George Segal’s as inspiration for the clay hands in the left section of the drawing. I also looed at Tom Sachs’ work to reuse recycled materials to create something new. In this case, the two recycled mice were used, not to create another object, but rather show a concept, that of a relationship.




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