Chrissie (Female, 18) *the story presented in the box.

“I remember when I was 9 years old. It was New Year’s Eve. I went to the riverside in my city with my father and mother to see the firework show for the New Year. I was really cold. My dad gave me his coat. He let me sit on his shoulder so I can see it more clearly. I still remember that night very clearly.”

Janli (Female, 20)(translated)

“Six years after moving here to America, I finally got to go to school. Once I got there, I felt every thing was so new, and fresh to me. I got to learn things that I had never learned before. I got to see people from a lot of different countries. We had some culture communication. I think that’s really important in this society. I think that was one of my happiest moments.”

Kevin (Male, 18)

My happiest time so far was new york fashion week, when I interned for I got to meet and see a lot of fashion celebrities. One of the memorable events was I went to the Robert Geller show where I actually went and watched the show in the second row. I was sitting across Tommy Ton, the photographer for GQ magazine. I met some guys from V magazine Spain. It was very dark, very calm,


Visual Vocabulary/Inspiration:firework, family love, parents, warmth.






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