Artist: Xuan

1. Her happiest time in her life is walks with her dog, a golden retriever, whose name is Luvy. I know you must think this is a girl name. But Luvy is a boy. She used to walk with Luvy around the lake. When she feels sad or stressful, she always likes stay with Luvy. Because she feels like he can understand her, although Luvy is a dog. She really misses him.
2. She loves music. She feels happy when she watches a concert of her favorite singer. Last month, her favorite Korean singer came to New York and held a concert at night. It`s really hard to get a ticket for this concert. Because she bought it really early, she got a good location. There were so many people in the concert, but she can nearby her favorite singer, which is awesome.
3. The happiest time in her life is her graduation. She gathered with her classmates. Almost the whole class had dinner together. They chat with each other, and drank so much beer. It`s really happy when she stays with her classmates, she feels like she is a part of something. They stayed with each until very late. It`s really unforgettable.

Visual Vocabulary/Inspiration:

Key words: New York, night, concert

Color swatches: black, dark blue, green, yellow, white

Images: Empire State Building, moon, star, cloud, mike, stage, crowd of people






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