Artist:Yunan Xue


My story is about my first interview.

I interviewed my mother. Her happiest moment was when she was pregnant; the doctor told her that she was having twins. This moment was also one of the best moments of my whold family.

My mom suffered a lot when she was pregnant of my sister and me. She could not eat anything and kept throwing out. In January 1993, my grandmother took her to the hospital to see if there was anything wrong with the baby. But when they got to know there were two of us, they felt extremely surprised. Everyone in the family wanted to keep us, whatever how much my mother would continue suffering. At that time, my dad was not in the hospital. He was at home waiting for the news. He was worried that if there was anything wrong with the baby, he would lose it. When my grandmother went back and gave him the good news, he also said that whatever how sick my mother was, he wanted the twins.

At that time, the doctors said my mom had twins, but in fact no one was really sure about that. Therefore, in July, 1993, when the nurse held two baby, finial it was true that my family has twins.

My mother also talked about her other little happy moments with my sister and me during our growth. She said that there were thousands of them, while the moment when she got to know that we were twins was the starting point of all of these happy moments.


Visual Vocabulary/Inspiration:It is made to look like a mother’s belly with the babys in her body.





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