Artist: Tanja Buchholtz


Ingrid Interview:

Tanja: So can you please tell me about your happiest experience?
Ingrid: Uh I have several happy experiences, I… I’ll just name two.
Uhm , well now I’m actually going to continue in German (continues in German)
Once there was a very happy, and extremely happy moment, when we sailed on the south-Chinese Sea, without a big sail, only with a small storm sail in a huge storms. For hours! There was no boat in sight and after many hours we arrived safely, every ones fastened. Then, I was really happy that we survived that! It really didn’t look good. Your mother can still tell you something about that.

Another … another… can you still hear me? can you still hear me?
Tanja: Yeah, I can still hear you.
Ingrid: And another very happy moment was when I, as a grandmother, was allowed to be there for the birth of Bianca, who was born head-first, but with her feet and the tension of the doctors, the nurses … that was … the tension was almost audible and then when she came with her feet, and her head and everyone … you could hear the people sigh with relief. They were so … so relieved. Everyone … and Bianca was born healthy. That was a very special moment.
Tanja: Okay. Thank you!
Ingrid: Would you still like to hear something else?Ask me if you want something else. Would you like to ask me for anymore details?
Tanja: No, no. It’s alright:
Mother(Kirsten): Then Omi’s allowed to go now and I can still tell you the rest of it.
Tanja: Thank you Omi!

(Rest of the Skype call is irrelevant. I forgot to hit the stop button.)Drawings:

Kirsten Interview:

Tanja: What’s one of the happiest experiences of your life?
Kirsten: Oh okay, I think I’ll mention two. Uhm the first one that kind of springs to mind … comes to mind is …umm…
I left home when I was about nineteen and then going off to Switzerland to hotel school. And I remember that before I left I went with grandma and Grandpa on top of the peak and we had a look … one last look at Hong Kong before I went to the airport. And then on the way there I was crying my eyes out (chuckles) I was so upset about leaving Hong Kong, so I remember very precisely that on the flight back to Hong Kong a couple of months later … umm I think that was probably one of my very happiest moments in my life. Just approaching Kai T-, the old Kai Tak airport. Just seeing Hong Kong and then knowing that my mum and dad were waiting there. So, I would say that that was definitely the combination of, not just meeting, you know, mom and dad, but coming back to Hong Kong, because I missed it sooo much (heheh) So that was number one … And I think you can relate to that probably just a tad. (Hahah)

And the second one, I would say, is just a couple of months ago, because after Patrick left for Amsterdam, he studies at university … uhm … we had one day on the boat … with all you kids and then Patrick had invited some friends. And i think you and the other kids had friends as well. And the sun was out and everyone was doing water sports and we had some drinks. That was, I think that was probably my second, probably happiest moment of my life. Just having the entire family and fiends and everybody was happy and in a good mood and being out on the water … as you know that’s the … that’s my happiest place anyway. Having that freedom on the water and uh sunshine and my family around me. So that’s it, I’m actually quite easy to please (heheh)

Bianca Interview:

Tanja: Ok, so Bianca, can you please tell me what your happiest experience is?
Bianca: umm, my nicest experience was when, in the summer holidays, when we were in Vienna, we rode out.
Tanja: Can you maybe give me some details. Like how you felt? where it was?
Bianca: It was really fun, but there were really many flies and then… and then the other jumped over the logs, but I only galloped. And then we went back and I even wanted to get off the horse, and then it was really steep.
Tanja: Oh, ok
Bianca: (hehehe)yeah, and then we were back and I rode Ferdinand.
Tanja: And why is this, of all the things you’ve done, your happiest experience?
Bianca: Uhmmmm, I don’t know. (hehe)
Tanja: You don’t know?
Bianca: Because it was fun and it was my first time riding out.
Tanja: Aahh
Bianca: Well in the outdoors.
Tanja: OK, thank you.
Bianca: And in our tour!
Tanja: What kind of tour?
Bianca: Huh?
Tanja: What kind of tour?
Bianca: No, noo, we were in the nature
Tanja: Oh so with many people then?
Bianca: Yeah, no…
Mom: No, no… in the nature!
Tanja: Oh, ahahah okay … (Bianca giggles in background)
Bianca: Oh did you know, we also let the horse graze twice and drink once.
Tanja: Okayy. And do you love horses? you love horses … Okay.
Bianca: And i forgot that my … First time the people accidentally removed the saddle of my horse. Then i had to put it back in and then I took it off again. Well first after the lesson. We jumped, well … this high (shows hand) … we jumped over two jumps. And then after the lesson I took the saddle off and I asked him … I asked the people there if I could still wash him off and then I washed him, but he wasn’t so … he wasn’t so calm during the shower, but he kept still when I dried him. Then I brought him back and stroked him a little.
I went riding yesterday.
Tanja: Was that it?
Bianca: That … yeah



– three people from one family –> three generations (comparison)

– strongly based on Europe and Asia (Hong Kong) –> Home for all three for a large part of their lives

– include both cultures

Visual Connection:

Box 16:

– blue sky with clouds

– child

Box 2:

– Ottoman Empire pattern (slightly modified and used differently)

– the texture on the left hill is made from the same material as the snow –> here it is painted though


– Miniaturmuseum Hamburg (miniature museum)

–> train runs through several different countries, cities, landscapes, etc.
– mine: simplified miniature city, mountains, ocean and plane

– trying to recreate a world/moment that is smaller than life (i.e. fit into a box)

links/ images:



Visual Vocabulary/Inspiration:





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