Artist: Miles


Name: Alex

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Alex: Uh, My happiest moment was having sex with my psychologist. Uh, basically, the reason why I was happy is because I was sober for once. Uh, all of our sex sessions were me being sober, meaning I didn’t escape from my problems. Uh, basically with him I was in my first healthy relationship and which such constant study flow of nice positive exposure I soon started to develop very healthy. I no longer had dissociative episodes I would get during sex and I got to experience full blown extent of my homosexuality. Oh yea it was also bareback, which meant there was a lot of trust involved. Don’t worry we both got tested beforehand so know your status

Name: Charlynne

Age: 37

Gender Female

Charlynne: Uhm, my happiest moment was uh October year 2007. Uhm it was my wedding day and my son was walking me down the steps and as we were walking I was just filled with so much happiness and joy that I uhm I couldn’t like words cant explain it and as we were walking down the aisle looking at my husband to be at that time waiting at the altar was just you know, the happiest moment of my life and it was in a garden, an old home on top of a hill and the sun were setting, the clouds were burnt orange and there was a nice breeze and everyone was teary eyed and happy and I could smell the flowers all around me and uhm looking at my family, their faces and smiles and everything else was just perfect it was a magical moment

Name: John

Age: 63

Gender: Male

John: My happiest moment is when I’m with grandchildren. Because you know, they’re the love of my life and they’re the best thing that happened to me. And that’s where most of my enjoyment is. I spend weekends with them and they just make me very happy. Other than that I’m happy when I have a lot of money


Visual Vocabulary/Inspiration:


Version 2

Version 1




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