Artist: Jiawei


Interview 1:

From:New Jersey

-Every year her family goes to the beach, which in North Carolina, It’s called Atlantic beach.
-It is better than Hawaii, she thinks
-It’s really one of my happy one
-Because no school
-And because the beach is like the block way so it is awesome

Interview 2:

From:United Kingdom

-On Fashion’s night out this year, she met her idol Marc Jacobs
-After a terrible night of disappointment and walking around and waiting a line she got his store in SOHO
-She went to the back of the store and suddenly she see through all the heads, Marc Jacobs-
-She met him and he signed her watch

Interview 3:

-The day before her 18’s birthday
-Her best friend called her and ask her to open the door
-She saw the box and she was confused
-It was a cat
-Her friend noticed that she always wants to have a cat so she send one to her as her birthday present
-The cat named didi and she loves it


Visual Vocabulary/Inspiration:





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