Artist: Angela (Yun Ji) Lee


One day, I was talking with two of my friends and I heard that there is a day that we can smoke marijuana legally in downtown, Toronto. We decided to go and try it once out of curiosity. So we went downtown, and a lot of people were walking toward a big park where the air was thick with smoke. There was a huge crowd of people smoking marijuana. One thing that shocked me was that everyone was smoking in front of the police. They looked happy and very friendly, and offered us a few puffs of marijuana. At first, we felt normal but after about ten minuets, the feeling started to creep up on us one by one and suddenly we felt like we were flying. One of us were running around like he was three years old. M other friend became very hungry and thirsty. The feeling was so magical and I did not want it to go away. It was an experience that I would never forget, and that’s why it was my happiest moment.


Visual Vocabulary/Inspiration:





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