Artist: Heba


Rand. Beirut. 18

“Ok. So, it was this summer in Italy; it was after camp when we were in Florence, and it was really late at night, like at 1 or 2 am, and we were just a group of people and we had nothing to do, we were just walking around, but that’s the thing, you’re in such a beautiful city, Florence, I mean, and, late late at night, and there’s no one around, and all these really touristic places, they’re quiet and calm, and we’re sitting there hanging out under the cathedral, seeing our friends sitting right by the doors of the cathedral. We were walking around, and, I was with [my summer love] JP (but you don’t have to include that), we were walking on the bridge where there are those locks that the couples put, where like they put a lock on it and throw the key in the river, and that way they stay together forever, but we didn’t do that… Anyway! I remember walking around in Florence in the middle of the night was absolutely gorgeous and I remember saying to them that if I died right then, I would die happy. So, yes, I was very, very happy at that moment. Yeah, that’s it.”


Visual Vocabulary/Inspiration:





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