Artist: Rona Bastanoglu


Stories: Duygu

Rona: Hi Duygu, can you tell me the most happy memory you have? The first thing that pops into your head when you think about your happiest moment?

Duygu: It was the day when I went to my boyfriend’s house to stay over. It was the first time in my life that I did that because I never got the permission of my family for doing that. It is the first relationship of my life. Even though I’m not in love with him anymore that day it was a pure excitement that I never felt again. I has 15 years old and it was winter time. I remember the weather was cold and it was snowing, but somehow I was too warm and sweating. When I remember that times what pops in to my head is pure innocence. We fall asleep holding each other close and that was all.
Rona: What was the most effective aspect that made this memory so meaningful to you.
Duygu: I was really young and I wasn’t that open about boys and sexuality. Because in Turkey, our community is not that open about boy and girl relationships in that age. I wasn’t getting permission from my family to stay at my boyfriends house, so I decided to do it secretly. That’s why I was that excited and experienced this kind of an excitement for the first time of my life with the one person I was sharing love with. It was a new concept to me..
Rona: Can you tell more about the atmosphere and how the room that you stayed in was look like?
Duygu: It was a nice house. The room had blue wallpapers and dark furnitures. But of course I can’t remember more details.
Rona: Thank you for sharing this personal memory.


Visual Vocabulary/Inspiration:




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